Recycled Toner Cartridges are the environmentally friendly alternative to OEM

Posted by Adrian Tolhurst on January 31, 2014 under Toner Cartridge Recycling | Be the First to Comment

Toner Cartridges must take their share of the blame for damage to the planet. The plastic packaging will not bio-degrade, so it can remain in landfill for literally thousands years. Volatile organic compounds from both the ink and the package seep into the earth and contaminate ground water. You can make a difference and reduce the number of ink and toner cartridges that are put back into the ground when you recycle your toner cartridges,

Remanufacturers restore your recycled cartridges to original equipment manufacturers’ specifications, complying with rigorous quality and safety standards established by the International Standards Organization. When you buy a remanufactured printer cartridge, you save approximately 50%, and still get the same high-quality, high-performance ink that comes with an OEM cartridge.

So, save money and help the planet buy choosing to buy remanufactured ink, and then recycle toner cartridges when you’ve finished with it.

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