Print your selfie with the Canon SELPHY CP780

Posted by Adrian Tolhurst on January 16, 2014 under Printers and Ink | Be the First to Comment

Are you a selfie taker? Do you loathe people who take selfies? Either way, there’s a printer for you – the Canon SELPHY CP780.

It’s not just for selfies either, the Canon Selphy CP780 can rival lab printed photos. Its dye-sublimation technology allows it to print postcard size photos, in deep colours with clear contrast – all in less than a minute.

It comes with a screen to preview your photos and a range of print sizes including standard postcard size, credit card and wide and miniature-size stickers.

  • Print from camera or memory card
  • 100 year prints**
  • Auto Red-Eye & Image Correction
  • Prints in under 1 minute**
  • 2.5” LCD
  • Range of print sizes
  • Audio guidance software
  • Battery pack & Bluetooth adaptor***


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3D printers a step closer to printing a mobile phone

Posted by Adrian Tolhurst on under Printers and Ink | Be the First to Comment

3dprinterThere has been lots of hype about the new generation of 3D printers when, in reality, the things that they can print are very limited. It is impossible, for example, to print a working IPhone. It is possible to print the casing, but it has not been possible to print the complex circuitry that makes the thing actually work – until now!

Microsoft Research in the UK have found a way to print the complex silver circuit boards on to paper.

According to The New Scientist

The new system has been tried on $80 inkjet printer and it worked well on photo-quality paper.

So, perhaps it will soon be possible to print a working mobile phone or laptop.

More to the point, they don’t say what will happed to the empty cartridges full of silver ink!


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