Should I buy a laser printer?

Posted by Adrian Tolhurst on February 6, 2014 under Printers and Ink | Be the First to Comment

brotherlaserprinterToner and ink cartridges are the two main types of printer cartridge, which are used in homes and office all over the world.  But not everyone is sure whether it is best to buy a laser printer or an inkjet printer.  One of the main factors in the buying decision is the amount of printing that you do.

Most homes have an inkjet printer which takes standard ink cartridges.  These usually print anything between 100 and 1000 pages per ink cartridge (depending on the type).  To get more pages, you should always look for the high capacity inks.  These are recognisable by the cartridge code. For example HP cartridges usually have an XL code at the end, or they may have an A (such as C6656AE (high capacity) vs C6656GE (low capacity).  It can be confusing so if in doubt always do some research to see how many pages you are getting.

In contrast to inkjets, laser toner cartridges can print anything from around two thousand to forty thousand pages.  Most small laser printers are a similar size to inkjet printers and will fit comfortably on a home or office desk.  The price of laser printers has come right down and you can pick up a decent machine for less than a hundred pounds, so if you are doing a fair amount of printing at home then it may be worth investing in a laser printer.

Often, college students and small business people like to have a mono laser printer at home to print out text documents, but also have a colour inkjet for printing that requires colour. The other added benefit is that toner printing is dry immediately so there is no risk of unprofessional looking smudges.

Large companies, schools, government offices etc. usually invest in a floor standing printer which uses huge toners that can produce around forty thousand pages.  These are expensive to buy, but benefit from economies of scale as the price per page comes down even more.

So there you have it, whether you are a home user, small office or large multination company, a laser printers could save you money and help you better organise your print work.

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